Kick Butt Health Coach

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Welcome to Kick Butt Health Coach, the site, where you can get methods to improve your health and lifestyle.

Here you can find a virtual health coach for dealing with low back problems or joint pain, stiffness, learn more about reducing stress, treating injuries, effective training, how to lose weight naturally and improve health with small changes every day, create the lifestyle you want and much, much more.

I have chosen the name “Kick Butt Health Coach” to give a hunch of what you can expect. Extraordinary results.                                                                                              It should be fun to get healthy and create a thriving life. Something that juices you and give you a spirit to move on, bring forth the extra power you need to accomplish the task.

This site is created to be an virtual assistant to you, who´s open to receive ideas for improvement in your life.

For you, who want to make your own energy bar to eat after training, or getting the best ingredients for your facial cream that will keep your skin soft and minimize wrinkles or just a few minutes of effective relaxation, that will shift your day into energy that lasts all of your working hours.

Whenever taking advice concerning health issues like treating pain, losing weight or how to eat and train with best effect, make sure and check the background of the author.

On Youtube there are videos recommending exercises that will put a very high pressure on your body and even in the long run, can cause you pain and injuries. Especially movements including your spine, like sit-ups (which I never do), making circular movement with your head and having the knees in a different angle than the feet (your knees should always pint in the same direction as your feet when bending knees).

When we finally decide we want to change something in our lives, it´s quite common to pick, what´s promoted as, the “quick fix”. Normally this leads to nothing but more pain…….

One example is losing weight. If you lose fast, you normally gain it as soon as you start eating normally again, and even put on more weight.

Make sure and watch your mindset about your body, if you want to achieve a lasting change in body fat.

In my teens I used to be a bit chubby. Because of this I started disliking myself and over 25 years this escalated into self-hate and of course I ended up being fat. Today I eat a lot more than I did at that time, and at the age of 61 I can still be slender and fit, having the same weight as I did at 16. But I do have much more muscles and I look slimmer as well as more fit.

If you can, chose a mentor to coach you through your process of changing eating habits. Someone who´s “been there, done that”, someone to hold you accountable for your goals and support you when the dip comes. The power of mental strength can never be stressed enough.

Pain is something many people suffer from. There are many causes of pain and impossible to deal with all kinds, although pain from soft tissue is something you can learn how to handle without drugs. I use one method that´s very effective. Normally you can get rid of most of the pain within a few days, if you follow the instructions in the video below. If you can´t reach the area where it hurts, ask someone to assist you.

Have you made up your mind to start exercising and failed after a month or two?

Most people have……..and the reason is often lack of enthusiasm, covered with an excuse of time, lack of time.

If you want to get addicted to a more active life, and allow your body to ask for it´s needs of locomotion, find some activity that engages you, that makes you smile, lose the sense of time and bring true enjoyment on both physical and emotional level.

I can´t live without movement. My body starts aching. If I sit more than 3-4 h per day my back gives me pain. That´s the reason why I hardly never watch TV. I´m on my legs all day, and for a reason.

As a teenager I was not at all like that. I went to dance class once a week, took walks with my dog, but I was never fit like I am now. I started listening to my body ……… I learned the signals, the urge for movement, which also increases the circulation and helps the blood stream go faster, gives the cells more energy and oxygen.

Have you found any kind of activity that makes you sweat, raises your heart beat and fill you with satisfaction? Some kind of movement that adds “juice” to your life. Whenever you think about it you´ll feel great and a sense of well-being is flooding through your body. When you are moving you lose sense of time and you are thriving.

Like I said before, dancing is one of the most urgent needs I have, concerning movement. Below is a short video of Ethiopian dance, that I enjoy very much. Every cell of my body participates and is vibrant. The dancing adds vitality to my life for days afterwards. I get relaxed and bring out the best in my personality.    I reach the core of my soul.

Dancing is never anything that brings forth resistance ………. on the contrary, it makes me feel the need for more. That´s the kind of physical activity that really brings life to your life. Not to talk about the great effects it has on your fitness and health in general.


Quick fix knees.

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Instant pain relief.

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lose fat naturally

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lose weight

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improve vitality

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home remedy in pain

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